Leiden for Foodies

Food & Drink guide for people visiting Leiden, the Netherlands.

So you came to beautiful Leiden and you’re wondering where to have a bite to eat or enjoy a nice drink. You should check out these places.

Bistro Bord’o

This French-style restaurant is staffed by young talents and have made a big name for themselves in a small amount of time. Fantastic food, super-friendly staff, wonderful wines, excellent value; you can’t go wrong here.

De Engelenbak

Simple but good food at this laid-back restaurant. No nonsense dishes for fair prices, excellent chips, and they eschew the otherwise ubiquitous carpaccio. There’s lunch, too.


Beautiful art-deco-like restaurant and café, that does fab lunches as well as dinner, in a Mediterranean style. There’s a good selection of vegetarian dishes here, too.

Woo Ping

Has been in Leiden forever, and serves some of the best Chinese food in town. But be sure to ask for their dishes to be made in traditional Chinese style (or ask for Sandra and mention “116” to her), or else you might get Dutch-Chinese grub, which isn’t nearly as tasty.

Sushi Bento

Small Japanese style “restaurantlet” where they make really good sushi. Everything is prepared on the spot, so freshness guaranteed. Eat in or take-away. The latter takes a while, though.

Toko BungaMas

Small Indonesian take-away with a few tables if you want to eat in. Be it spicy or mild, their dishes are always authentic and very, very tasty. As an alternative, try Iboe Tjilik (Lammermarkt 9), which isn’t half bad either.


Great little place to have lunch.

Chummy Coffee

Are you a coffee snob? Then try Chummy. Laid back, free wifi, tasty cakes and an excellent flat white. Good stuff.

’t Suppiershuysinghe

Cozy coffee house situated at one of the oldest and most beautiful little squares in Leiden.

Café De Uyl van Hoogland

Pub with an excellent selection of traditional and craft beers, enjoyable music on the backround (they’re playing Bowie as we speak), and the occasional cat. Loverly.

De Twee Spieghels

Decent wines, delicious snacks, a wide variety of Scotch, and regular live jazz music. What’s not to like?

Meneer Jansen

Bar. My local. Nuff said.